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Application Process & Terminology

Follow the basic steps for studying abroad!
  • Meet with a study abroad advisor! Discover your program options, research your choices, decide on your dream study abroad program.
  • Once you know what program you want to do, complete the MSU Denver initial paperwork! All the documents are on this site.
  • Receive 'Conditional Approval' by MSU Denver for your study abroad, and apply directly to your program/university of choice
  • Stay on top of all the paperwork! Complete all remaining MSU Denver forms online, attend a pre departure orientation, and be registered.

Please review following definitions for clarification on the status of your study abroad application

PENDING - Students have started their MSU Denver study abroad application
CONDITIONAL APPROVAL - Students have completed the required initial documents of their MSU Denver. Students are now able to apply directly to study abroad program of choice
ACCEPTED -  Students have completed all aspects of the MSU Denver application and are fully accepted into their study abroad program.
CONFIRMED -  After being Accepted, students must ‘Confirm’ their participation. Without a confirmation, the system will not note you as being a study abroad student. Students will receive an email telling them how to confirm their program.
ABROAD - Student is on program
RETURNED - Student’s study abroad program has finished
WITHDRAWN: DECLINED - Student has decided to not continue with application 
WITHDRAWN: BY STAFF - Application has been closed by OIS because student did not complete documents by deadlines and/or student ceased communication with the office