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MSU Denver Initial Application Deadlines - For Partner Universities, Program Providers, and Independent Travelers (does not apply to MSU Denver Faculty Led courses)

Students will need to be mindful of two different deadlines: OIS deadline, and the specific study abroad program/university deadline. In some cases the provider deadline is earlier or later than OIS’. It is  your responsibility to know that dates and to apply within the appropriate deadlines. 

MSU Denver OIS deadlines:
Fall/Academic Year: May 10
Spring Semester: October 20
Winterim: October 20
Summer Term: April 5
To apply for a study abroad after the MSU Denver deadline, you will need special permission from a study abroad advisor.

If you choose to study abroad without MSU Denver OIS approval you will not be eligible for financial aid, and you will not receive course approvals for your credit. 

MSU Denver Faculty Led Deadlines

Deadlines vary by program; we recommend that you frequently check with the faculty in-charge regarding deadlines and updates.