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Fall/Academic Year: PASSED
Winter Term: October 20
Spring Term: October 20
Maymester Term: March 30
Summer Term: April 5
*These deadlines do not apply to faculty led courses abroad

MSU Denver Faculty Led Courses for 2019/2020
Approved Programs - Contact the faculty member directly to learn more

EDU 390-O Cultural & Field Experiences in Mexico with Dr. Peter Vigil
Fall Break: November 22 - 30
303-615-1274 |

HSP 390 Global Mental Health: The Case of Haiti with Dr. Shawn Worthy
Winterim: January 10 - 17
303-615-1325 | 

HEAL 390A Health Institute: San Miguel, Mexico with Dr. Marcia Walsh-Aziz
Winterim: January 3 - 18
303-615-1988 | 

Study Abroad courses in the works...make sure to keep your eye out for the following departments with planned study courses this school year...
Department of Art: Germany, and Belgium/Netherlands
Department of Modern Language: Spain
Department of Nutrition: Peru
College of Business: Costa Rica, and Argentina
Department of Political Science: Costa Rica
School of Education: Mexico
School of Hospitality Events and Tourism: Multi country Europe

If you are just getting started with study abroad, please schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor. You can schedule that online, here.